What VPN Can You Use To Use Netflix In The Netherlands, and how can you invest in this awesome company?

What VPN Can You Use To Use Netflix In The Netherlands, and how can you invest in this awesome company?

Small chance we have yet to explain to you what Netflix is. Once started as a DVD delivery service. Now Netflix is one of the largest media companies in the world. “Bingen” and even “Netflix & chill” have become household names in their own right. And everyone around you seems to have an account.

There is really only one downside. And that is the fact that in the Netherlands we can watch less content than in America. This can all be solved with a VPN. But what is the best VPN for Netflix?

Geographic blockages

Before we look at what the best VPN for Netflix is, it’s important to understand why a VPN can affect your Netflix offering at all. It’s all because of so-called geographic blocking. In short, this means that a media company (like Netflix) does not have the same rights to all of its movies and series in every country. This is why a company like Netflix sets strict rules per country. Only the countries for which they have the rights for certain content, get to see it. Thus, each country has its own specific offer.

This is why it often happens that Americans can watch a certain movie or series on Netflix, while we in the Netherlands cannot. In fact, the selection on Netflix in America is almost three times (!) as large as in the Netherlands. It’s just impossible to watch the American offerings with your Dutch account or login.

VPN for Netflix

It’s no wonder that people have been looking for ways to watch American Netflix. The best solution for this is a VPN provider. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures your online connection and protects your privacy. By encrypting your data and making it anonymous. One way it does this is by giving you the IP address of the server to which you are currently connected. And if that server is in America, Netflix automatically assigns you the American offerings. So by using a VPN, you can actually fool Netflix. And watch the much more extensive American offerings from the Netherlands.

New EU rules for Netflix

Since 2018, new rules are in force within the EU regarding geographical blocking. Dutch services such as “Uitzending Gemist” and “Ziggo Sport” you previously could not view from other European countries. Because of the new rules, these blocks have been lifted. So you can just watch your Dutch content on the campsite in France. For Netflix, the same rules apply. This means that when you are now on that same campsite in France, you can just watch the Dutch Netflix offerings. Including subtitles. Because within the EU the country where your account is closed is looked at, it is almost impossible to watch the Dutch website for Netflix aandelen and offerings for example.

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